Senior Tiny House Fund

Rusty’s Senior Tiny Houses

We have a dream of a different kind here at the Sanctuary.

Instead of having one huge gigantic shelter of lots of dogs on this 5 acre property. We dream to build multiple one room homes that are approximately 200 square feet and fit 4-5 kennels, some storage, and a sink. Simple and quiet and each house will be built with it’s own yard attached. The residents in each home will live cohesively together so that leaving their kennels open to socialize would be an option. The reasoning behind this setup is we want the Sanctuary to be a peaceful place and not a setting like one of our local shelters.

You Can Help Too!

Help turn our dream into a reality. 

Please help us to continue to build our tiny houses by donating any amount that you can and help make this dream a reality. You can donate via Paypal

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