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Rusty's Angels Sanctuary

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rusty's angels sanctuary providing a safe and caring environment for senior and special needs canines.

Total Lives Saved = 69

Total Adoptions = 36

Who is Rusty?

​​Rusty was my first rescue, I adopted him at the age of "ancient". He was pulled from the euthanasia list at the local county pound. He was skin and bones, deaf, going blind, had a mouth full of rotten teeth and so lost and scared. I fostered him for a while and ended up adopting him because I knew no one else would.
He taught me that animals don't deserve to die alone after loving us for all their lives. He is why I want to give these dogs the ending they deserve and have earned. They deserve the unconditional love to the very end that they give to us from the first moment they meet us. I remember what an amazing "mess" Rusty was and how much he loved me because I saved him when no one else would. And I promised him that I would continue to help those just like him live out their twilight years knowing that same feeling. 

Our Mission

​​We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for senior and special needs canines. Through rescue, foster, adoption, education and hospice; we create secure nurturing homes for them to live out their twilight years.
Most of our rescues come to us because their owner has passed away or has moved into a nursing home situation. As long as the dog is healthy enough to handle a transition into a new home then we do our best to find the perfect forever home. If the dog is not healthy enough then they live out whatever time they have left here at our sanctuary knowing unconditional love until the very end. 

Our Goals

1. To RESCUE senior and special needs canines that have been displaced  from their home or abandoned for any reason; until they are adopted or to live out their life at the sanctuary.
2. To build a FOSTER home network to help us place more senior canines until they find their forever homes.
3. To provide EDUCATION to the public on the benefits of ADOPTING and caring for aging canines.
4. To find loving homes that will provide HOSPICE care for senior canines to live out the rest of their lives in the company of other human and animal companions, for whatever time they have left. 

Rusty's Angels Sanctuary Senior Dog Rescue and Sanctuary